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Instructor – Bob Walker

  • Certified Naval Instructor for 5 years. US Navy/US GOVERNMENT, OXNARD, CA USA - Supervisory Equipment Specialist. CTU Asia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Iraq
  • Security Operations Manager/VP.
  • Netgateway Inc, Makati Philippines President/owner
  • Centurion Holdings Ltd, Brunei President/owner
  • Security office and program developer for new buinsess
  • Certified security guard Through the PSB (Level i, II, III)
  • Certified security sales rep.
  • Certified loss prevention professional (Instructor)
  • TX PSB Licenses – Security Sales; Level I; II; III Security Officer; Certified Security Consultant

Loss Prevention Overview

The intended purpose of the course is to provide basic security information for loss prevention personnel, private detectives, and others who own, manage, or supervise retail operations. At the completion of this training the students will be able to recognize threats common to retail, commercial, wholesale, manufacturing and construction locations. Information will be presented that will provide many solutions for dealing with these possible threats.

Requires Deposit

Instructor – Donald G. Spears

Bio Pending

Firearms Basic

Class Pending

Requires Deposit

Instructor – John Williamson

Bio Pending

SAMA Crisis Intervention

$120 original/$60 Recert
A requirement to work at most hospitals. Verbal process of de-escalation of crisis situation’s with physical techniques designed not to harm the subject in crisis.

Requires Deposit

Instructor – Jonny Moore

Bio Pending

NRA Basic Pistol

The Basic Pistol course can be as short as ten hours. In it students will get the NRA’s The Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook and intensive lessons in safety, gun handling, the various types of pistols, the fundamentals of the pistol marksmanship, various pistol firing positions, several practical exercise on the firing range, cleaning, storage, and a summary of pistol sports and activities.

Requires Deposit


(License To Carry/Concealed Handgun License) – Consists of 4 units.

1.) Laws Relating to the use of Force.

2.) Handgun Use & Safety

3.) Nonviolent Disputes Resolution.

4.) Storage of firearms with the emphasis of restricting access to children.

Second phase of this course will be qualifying on the range for firearm proficiency

Requires Deposit

Level III (Armed Officer Course)

A comprehensive course designed to train and educate the student on the laws and regulations regarding armed security as well as firearms safety. The student will be able to understand use of force concepts, basic fundamentals of firearms and firearm safety, basic defensive tactics, and basic handcuffing. The student will also be able to demonstrate proficient use of the firearm.

Requires Deposit

Level IV Basic (Personal Protection Officer)

Class Pending

Requires Deposit

ASP Baton

Baton models, Baton maintenance; Portation & Presentation; Baton Skills; Use of Force

Requires Deposit

ASP Handcuff

Restraint Designs; Restraint Concepts; Restraint Application; Stabilization Positions; Post Handcuffing Removal

Requires Deposit

ASP Tactical Flashlight

Vision; Portation & Presentation; Light Check VS Strobe; Wall of light; Casing; Painting

Requires Deposit

ASP Integrated Weapons - All ASP Classes!


Requires Deposit

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