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We have taken Officer Operations Online!

We at WarEagle understand that security has changed drastically over the past 10 years with the emergence of technology and what seems to be a growing amount of threats. Today’s security services in San Antonio and abroad need to be connected, efficient, and immediately responsive. Moving officer operations online not only increases productivity, it reduces risks, improves quality and delivers real-time information.

We Have Increased Our Officers Capabilities

We Differentiate from other security companies by offering Security with Trackforce solutions so we can give our customers what they really want, peace of mind.

All activity data, trend reporting, and notifications can be provided by our customers through web and mobile platforms keeping you the client connected and increasing real secuirty services.
WarEagle has now gone GuardTek! GuardTek is an end-to-end solution for security operations and management. Our solution can help our managers and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities. WarEagle administrators can manage emergency dispatches, field incidents and investigations from start to finish. Improve our services in delivery and quality from our workforce and demonstrate our value to our clients the stakeholders.
We can now manage our security officer operations with the most advanced robust set of tools available through the GuardTek platform. WarEagle can track our security team in real-time, capture time and attendance, monitor guard tours, track assets and materials, and instantly distribute post orders from our centralized GuardTek dashboard. The GuardTek platform can also help expedite our communications between WarEagle officers, supervisors and stakeholders.
WarEagle can capture important security officer data using the modules in the GuardTek portal. We use the collected data to track performance at individual or group levels for performance reviews, incentive programs and efficiency audits. Improve efficiency, accountability and profitability by managing our workforce with intelligent software.
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