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Texas Security Guard Services

WarEagle Security Guard Services offers both non-commissioned and commissioned officers.  Our officers not only meet but exceed the Private Security Standards for security officers.  We prefer to hire  those with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and level III and Level IV security officer experience.  All potential employees must meet the following criteria before hiring:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be able to speak and write English
  • Must not have a criminal background or under indictment for criminal activity of any kind
  • Must be a U S citizen
  • Must be in sound physical condition
  • Must pass a drug test
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must pass the state's Level 1 and Level 11 test with an 80 or better
  • Must have received an honorable discharge (Military Only)
  • Must provide a copy of DD214 (Military Only)
Upon hiring all Texas security officers are subject to the following standards:
  • Must submit to random drug testing
  • Must learn and follow "FORCE CONTINIUM" procedures
  • Must follow all Company rules as stated in Company Handbook
  • Must follow all state rules and regulations
  • More than three infractions will result in termination.
  • All officers must follow the Security Officer’s Code of Ethics.

Security Officer Code of Ethics

As a private security officer or security guard, I fulfill a vital function in the preservation and well being of those whom I service.  In so doing, I pledge:
  • To serve my employer and clients with loyalty and faithfulness, respecting the confidentiality of my job.
  • To fulfill my duties in full compliance with the laws of the land.
  • To conduct myself professionally at all times, and to perform my duties in a manner that reflects credit upon me, my employer, and private security.
  • To be fair and impartial in discharging my duties without prejudice or favoritism.
  • To render reports that are complete, accurate and honest.
  • To remain alert to the interests of the client and the safety of those whom I serve.
  • To earn the respect of my employer, clients and fellow officers through my personal integrity and professionalism.
  • To strive continually to improve my performance through training and education which will better prepare me for my private security duties.
  • To recognize my role as that of a private security officer.

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